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RF ADCs and DACs Seminar

Broadband analogue to digital converters (ADCs) and digital to analogue converters (DACs) are key building blocks in modern transceiver design. This seminar discusses some of their unique attributes and their influence on RF system design. In particular, it covers their unique frequency transfer function and its RF system implications, SNR limitations due to quantization and jitter, and frequency planning considerations - all in respect of real-IF and zero-IF transceivers that include ADCs and DACs.


Target audience

The target audience for this seminar consists of RF & microwave system engineers, wireless hardware experts and electronics engineers who deal with the design and testing of wireless transceivers.


The seminar will be presented by Mr. Oren Hagai, the founder of INTERLLIGENT RF and Microwave Solutions. Bio available online at:

Training format
  • 16 study hours

  • 2 day Seminar

Next seminar opening Date:  8-Dec-2024

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