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Engineering Services

What is RF and microwave engineering?

Radio Frequency (RF) engineering is a subset of electrical engineering when it comes to devices, which are created to operate in the radio frequency spectrum.

RF and microwave engineering are added to almost everything that transmits or receives a radio wave, including mobile phones, Wi-Fi, radios and walkie-talkies, and even digital satellite television.

Current research is being undergone by the RF and Microwave Engineering group at UCT(University of Cape Town) includes radar and sonar defense electronics

Real world use of RF and Microwave

RF technology is used in many applications we use in our everyday lives, including access control systems, wireless home security systems, digital audio/video transmission, biological signal acquisition systems, wireless charging, and much more.

As the radio spectrum is an invaluable resource with limited availability. There are many types of research that have been conducted and will be conducted to find new ways to utilize existing transmitters and essentially to hop off their signals. This would allow for far more efficiency and more use of the radio spectrum while yielding interesting new applications  For example by hopping on a TV, radio or any other form of antenna someone could essentially be able to create a successful form of radar without the waste of the radio spectrum. By using a specialized antenna array to steer a beam to receive a reference signal from existing transmitters and to pick up reflections from aircraft, it is possible to create an aircraft-detecting radar that would not give off the location of the original source, he is clearly a military application.

Our Engineering services include custom RF & Microwave design and on-site measurement services. Our engineering team of RF experts has vast experience and high motivation to support on-site projects.

Outsourced Solutions of RF Engineers

Temporary staff to address work overload periods on- site:

  • Performing testing, validation, integration, design or consulting services.

  • Providing technical guidance at RF related manufacturing sites.


Engagement Models

  • Fixed price charge. 

  • Services can be provided either on site or at INTERLLIGENT facilities. 

Turnkey RF & Microwave Design Services

Complete design solutions, from basic specifications to a fully tested prototype with BOM

and production.

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