Advanced DL MU-MIMO Precoding

(Null-Space Projection)

By Dr. Doron Ezri

Coherent Homodyne Receivers

for THz Frequencies

By David Ben-Bassat

Demystifing Beamforming and

Null Steering 

By Dr. Doron Ezri

Expert lectures

Lectures from our RF & Microwave Design Seminars

Application of mmWave technology in HAPS and LEO constellations

By Mike Geen, Filtronic

Development of GaN based Solid State Power Amplifiers up to 1kW CW

By Avtar Virdee, Microwave Technology

A highly-integrated CMOS front-end for mmWave 5G

By Liam Devlen, Plextek RFI &

Mark Wong, MobiPHive

GaN MMICs for mmWave applications

By Jeremy Fisher, Cree Wolfspeed

Hybrid optical beamforming for electrically steered antennas

By Jeremy Turpin, Isotropic

Challenges in mmWave Wireless Channel Measurement and Analysis

By Mir Ghoraishi, University of Surrey

5G mmWave wireless – recent results from transport applications

By Mark Barrett Fisher, Blu Wireless

Beam steering challenges and advances at mmWave frequencies

By Dr. Tudor Williams

Gigabit Baseband Modem Technology for 5G mmWave Applications

By Ray McConnell, Blu Wireless

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