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RF Training Centre

INTERLLIGENT's Training centre, based in Tel Aviv (Israel) is constantly working worldwide and serves the RF and Microwave community as the industry's leading centre of practical RF and Microwave technology training. 

Our RF training centre offers a wide range of training solutions in the fields of RF, microwave and communications. The industry's top experts with years of experience and skill design and present all training programmes.

The training centre, operating globally, is commonly known for its vast training infrastructure, which aids all training activities and enhances the RF training experience to a new level and enables people to bridge the gap between theory and practical    

Our RF Training programmes are delivered in two optional ways:

Corporate training and public training.


Corporate training is a dedicated and worthwhile training solution based on customer specifications such as type of training, goals, audience, duration etc. Public training will empower you to have all the knowledge to make you an expert when it comes to RF, Microwave and communications. 

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