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Engineering Fields

Fields of Experience
  • RF System performance measurements

  • RFIC validation measurements

  • Up-Down converters

  • Cellular repeater / DAS systems

  • Radar & transponders

  • Millimetre wave systems

  • RF Board design

  • Medical RF applications

Our team - Your Engineering Solution
  • Dedicated RF & Microwave experts

  • Vast experience

  • Highly motivated 

  • Team members have experience as lecturers and RF training mentors

We provide for many engineering fields for RF and microwave solutions, this is so that we can provide any client with their individual microwave and RF needs. We have the in-house experience to deliver many RF & microwave services.


Our Engineering services cover custom RF & Microwave design and on-site measurement services. Our engineering team of RF professionals has immense experience and high motivation to support on-site projects.

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