Interlligent RF and Microwave Courses:


Course opens 11 Jan 2023

Based on Interlligent’s flagship RF & Microwave Course, this comprehensive training programme brings electronic engineering graduates to the level of junior RF & Microwave engineers.

The programme combines theoretical studies with practical examples from industry and demonstrations of theoretical concepts.

Course length: 80 hours


Course opens 2 Mar 2022

This class is aimed at experienced RF & System engineers who wish to enhance their system design engineering knowledge and for wireless communication engineering who seek a better understanding of system design considerations and trade-offs for designing advanced transmit/receive products.

Both will find this class rewarding.

48 hours course.


Course opens 11 Sep 2022

A basic introduction of the RF (Radio Frequency) engineering profession for a non technical audience. Students will gain basic knowledge which will assist them in their daily interaction with RF engineering topics in their respective organisations.

16 hours course.


Course opens 22 May 2022

A comprehensive RF & Microwave training programme for electrical engineers who aim to become RF specialists.

This programme combines in-depth theoretical studies and practical lab sessions, in a total of 136 hours course.

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Course opens 30 October 2022

This Course targets all professional engineers that are involved in design, qualification and manufacturing of products which contain high frequencies/ high-speed interfaces, such as: RF, microwave, board design, signal integrity, layout, verification, integration, system and process manufacturer engineers.

Course length: 36 hours


Course opens 2022

Fundamentals of Digital Wireless Communications is an advanced level training course which deals with the physical layer of digital wireless communications systems.

44 hours course.


Course opens 6 Dec 2022

Broadband analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) are key building blocks in modern transceiver design. This seminar discusses some of their unique attributes and their influence on RF system design. In particular, it covers their unique frequency transfer-function and their RF system implications, SNR limitations due to quantisation and jitter, and frequency planning considerations. We will explore the implications of these perperties on real-IF and zero-IF transceivers that include ADCs and DACs.

16 hours.


Course opens 13 Dec 2022

Millimetre-wave communication systems have been around for some time, but mm-wave technologies became a “hot topic” just recently, as these technologies are the key enablers for modern wireless applications such as 5G, WiGig, car radar, advanced imaging systems and more.

16 hours.


Course opens 24 Apr 2022

This course targets professional engineers who are involved in all stages of  design, qualification and manufacturing of systems containing high-speed digital signals, including: board design and layout, SIPI, verification, system and manufacturing processes.

36 hours.