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Signal Analyzers

We offer microwave and RF Signal Analyzers for a range of uses. In addition, we can provide you with various models of Signal Analyzers for rent or purchase. What's more, we provide professional advice on the selection and service of an RF Signal Analyzer and we conduct RF training. We woork with all our clients to find the best solution!

What are Signal Analyzers?

Signal Analyzer is an instrument measuring the magnitude and phase of an input signal versus frequency within the full frequency range of the instrument. To check the effect on the signal that the device makes up, compare the signal before and after it passes through the device under test.

What is a Signal Analyzer used for?

Signal Analyzers are used to study the spectrum itself and to analyze individual signals. Modern Signal Analyzers are used for monitoring and extracting information about electrical signals.

Where is the Signal Analyzer used?

RF design

General electronic circuit design

Electronics manufacturing

Testing electronic equipment

Testing and calibration of radio communication devices

Testing and analysis of wireless ICT networks

Laboratory measurements of electromagnetic emissions

In research and technological development

In safety - used to detect radio transmitters that may steal business, private or government information.

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