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Lab Instrument Control Using Python

Interlligent's Lab Instrument Control Using Python equips the participant with the Python programming skills and tools to automate the control of laboratory instruments, specifically signal generators, and spectrum analyzers. It covers Python fundamentals, essential libraries, GUI development, instrument interfacing, complex baseband signals, and culminates in a hands-on workshop where the participant will create a fully automated power amplifier measurement suite and modeling system using Python and real test equipment.


The training combines theoretical studies with practical examples from the industry that clearly demonstrate the studied subjects.


Attendees will receive certified electronic copies of our original training materials which include Theoretical background materials, assignments with their explained solutions and copies of the presentations.


Target Audience

RF Electronics engineers who would like to gain lab automation expertise, and in particular:

  • Working in Python- the friendliest and most comprehensive computer language

  • Automating measurement processes in the lab

  • Testing complex RF scenarios with baseband signals

  • Programming small GUI applications for ease of use


Training format

4-day (32 study hours) course

The Presenter

The course will be presented by Mr. Nir Tal and Mr. Dan Wolberg, Wireless communication experts with decades of experience in programming, RF labs and equipment.

Course opening date:  12 November 2024

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