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Moving up to mm-Waves Course


Millimetre waves communications has been around for some time, but mm-wave technologies became a “hot topic” just recently, as these technologies are the key enablers for modern wireless applications such as 5G, WiGig, car radar, advanced imaging systems and more.

While there are many system level benefits in using the mm-waves spectrum (such as wider available channel-bandwidths and smaller antennas), dealing with mm-waves engineering may introduce some unique challenges as well, which are nontrivial to “conventional” RF engineers. In this seminar, we shall discuss some of the key differentiators between mm-waves engineering and RF engineering, and introduce specific mm-waves system building blocks, design considerations and measurement set-ups.


Target audience

The target audience for this seminar consists of RF & microwave system engineers, wireless hardware experts and electronics engineers who plan to make a transition into mm-waves technology, and wish to understand its basic concepts and unique challenges.  



The seminar will be presented by Mr. Oren Hagai, the founder of INTERLLIGENT RF and Microwave Solutions. Bio available online at:

Training format

  • 16 study hours

  • 2 day Seminar


Next course opening Date: 15-Dec-2024

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