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Practical RF System Design Course

This class is aimed at experienced RF & System engineers who wish to enhance 

their system design engineering knowledge and for wireless communication Engineers 

who seek a better understanding of system design considerations and trade offs for designing advanced transmit/receive products. 

Both will find this class rewarding. 

The course includes 48 hours of advanced training program.

The objectives of this course include theoretical as well as practical knowledge inculcation in: RF System, tools for analysis and comprehension in major system design aspects, trade-offs and guidelines for robust system design employing different RF and analog circuitry.
This class deals with the design of synthesizers, transmit and/or receive channels emphasizing in-depth understanding of all relevant components/circuits and needed performance, critical parameters and considerations emphasizing level of importance and practical problem solving approach. Participants will obtain relevant engineering knowledge such as:

  • Spectrum Design:    Mixers, IF Choice, Spurs, Filters etc.

  • Architectures: Heterodyne, I/Q, Low IF, Advanced architectures.

  • Sampling:  DACs / ADCs architectures and considerations.

  • Synthesizers:  PLLs, Phase Noise, sampling clocks etc.

  • Noise Budget 

    This unique class was designed in order to bridge the knowledge gap of system design techniques in available literature. Students of this class will experience recent progress in system engineering approaches and techniques using updated material and unique tools tailored for this subject.
    Theoretical fundamentals presented in this class will be supported by practical examples and supervised exercises.


Target  Audience 

RF engineers wishing to broaden their knowledge in system requirement trade-offs and design considerations such as: How to Down/Up convert the signal? What is the optimum IF frequency / How to define the required filters in the system/  Where is this Spur coming from/  How much phase noise should I define/ How is it affecting my system? etc.


Training format

48 hours,  6 daily sessions, one in every successive week. 


Opening date: 2025

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