Basic introduction of the RF (Radio frequency ) engineering profession for a non 

technical audience. Students will gain basic knowledge that will assist them in their daily interaction with RF engineering topics in their respective 

organizations (such as facing RF oriented customers or RF products / services suppliers etc.). 

This is a 2 session training program.

Course starts: 2021

This two-day class deals with the basic fundamentals of radio frequency (RF) engineering and introduces participants to the RF engineering profession. Students attending this class will benefit from a basic introduction to the RF engineering field which will assist them in their daily interaction with RF engineering topics in their respective organizations(such as facing RF oriented customers or RF products / services suppliers etc.).

Training  methods contain many practical examples and demonstrations  which are being performed in our advanced lab facilities. Students in this class will be introduced  to dedicated RF test equipment such as: Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator etc. in order to enhance learning. 

Target Audience

This class is for candidates who have no technical or electrical engineering background, and wish to familiarize with the RF engineering environment by understanding basic terms, related RF applications, the use of RF components and RF test equipment etc.
This class is relevant to anyone who interacts with RF products, RF production and RF engineers in their respective job (Operations employees, buyers, supply chain employees ,HR personnel etc.)

Training format
  • 16 hours

  • 2 daily sessions

  • Once a week.


Summer course opening date: 2021

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