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 Live, Online  RF & Microwave Engineering 101 course (80 hours)

About the programme:

  • A comprehensive 80 hour (live) training programme aimed for electronic engineers who would like to expand their knowledge in the fields of RF and Microwave hardware and measurement set-ups.

  • Topics include Noise budget, Non-linearity, Impedance matching, S-parameters, Filters, Basic RF "building block" components, Receiver and transmitter architectures, PLL synthesizers, Phase noise analysis, Digital modulation schemes, Antennas and link budget.

  • Emphasis on practical RF and Microwave Test and Measurement setups.

  • English, International (Live) program, 80 hours in 20 weekly meetings


Start date:  2025

Programme's outline:

This live, online "RF & Microwave Engineering 101" course consists of 80 study hours held over 20 weekly meetings, 4 hours each.

The weekly training meetings will take place on Tuesdays. The live presentations will be broadcasted using "Zoom" platform.

All meetings will begin at 14:00 UK time, and will end at 18:00 UK time.


Training format:

The training is in English and will be held via zoom and will include both theoretical presentations and practical (using test equipment) demonstrations of the learned subjects. As the training is live, students will have the opportunity to interact with the presenter for questions and discussions.

Attendees will receive certified electronic copies of the original training materials which includes: Theoretical background materials (whitepapers), Homework assignments with their explained solutions, and copies of the presentations.

An optional online final exam is available for attendees who wish to add a final grade to their certificate of completion.


Target audience:

Electronic engineers, and in particular:

  • Experienced RF engineers who are focused on "vertical" subjects (e.g. designing passives for a long time) that would like to expand their knowledge into broader RF related subjects.

  • Microwave characterization and testing engineers.

  • Newcomers to the RF industry who would like to gain RF expertise and practical test and measurement knowledge.

Is prior knowledge required?

Yes. The course is for Electronic Engineers. It is expected that the attendees will have basic familiarity with Fourier transforms, Laplace transforms, Random processes, and basic circuit theory.

In any case, all relevant subjects in the course which require prior knowledge will be accompanied by theoretical background materials that include the required background.


Course Presenter:

The course Presenter is Oren Hagai, CEO of Interlligent RF & Microwave Solutions and Interlligent UK Ltd, and TLV millimetric Waves.

Oren has over 20+ years of design and training experience in the fields of RF & Microwaves and is well known for his expertise in the field.

Oren's profile can be viewed online at:

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