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Interlligent Webinar Series

RF Goes Quantum

Presented by Dr. Yonatan Cohen

CTO, Quantum Machines

Broadcast date
8 December 2020

Times and zones
ISRAEL 18:00 (UTC+2) | UK 16:00 GMT (UTC)
USA 11:00 EST (UTC-5); 08:00 PST (UTC-8)

Quantum computers have the potential to revolutionise computing at the
most fundamental level. But before that, they need to be built. Today, RF
and microwave engineering plays an essential role in the development
and scaling up of useful and practical quantum computers.

This webinar discusses the basic principles on which quantum
computers work and how quantum computers beat classical computers.
How can quantum computers be built and what essential role does
microwave and RF technology play in the field?

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