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Achieving EMC Harmony in Today’s Hardware Designs

6 Sep 2023 | 17:00 | INTERLLIGENT Tel Aviv Training Centre, 2 Koyfman st.

Presented by Avi Cohen, IEEE EMC & SIPI CHAPTER CHAIR,
EMC Consultant, lecturer at Ort Braude Electrical Engineering Department


In our rapidly evolving technological era, devices, particularly those associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), are
pushing the boundaries of innovation. These devices operate at unprecedented speeds, emphasizing both energy
efficiency and optimal use of space. However, this miniaturization and complexity bring about unique challenges.
Consider the potential interference within compact spaces: when an integrated antenna inadvertently picks up
unintended signals from nearby components, the device's primary functions can be compromised. It's akin to a
radio trying to focus on one station while several others compete for its attention.
But the challenges aren't limited to IoT intricacies. Even standard regulatory testing, often perceived as routine,
can present unforeseen hurdles for hardware engineers. These tests are no longer a mere formality; they demand
deep expertise and meticulous oversight to ensure devices pass and perform at their peak.
This lecture, therefore, isn't solely for those grappling with specific IoT problems. It's for every hardware engineer,
whether you're navigating the nuanced terrain of IoT de-sensing issues or the intricate maze of regulatory
compliance. We'll be unpacking actionable, practical guidelines to assist all designers in crafting efficient,
compliant, and high-performing devices.


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