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Right-First-Time Space Electronics Design: Development, Technology Selection, Analyses, Test and Launch- Webinar

26 June 2024 | 15:00 UK Time | 17:00 Israel Time |  Via Zoom

Presented by:

Dr. Rajan Bedi, CEO and Founder of Spacechips


The Tutorial will summarise the steps of designing Space Electronics: from capturing your customer’s requirements, translating these to a schematic and a PCB layout, the analyses, testing and standards you need to follow to ensure right-first-time design,
and then launching your satellite or spacecraft. What components should you use, low-cost, commercial-grade (COTS)
or space-qualified parts? How do you select COTS technologies? How can you reduce the size, mass, power consumption
and cost of a transponder? How do you power a payload and how do you reliably supply a 0.8V @ 130A space-grade semiconductor?

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