High speed digital signals are essentially broadband RF signals by nature, which need to propagate
through a PCB or a system with a minimal distortion. The signal quality or Signal Integrity (“SI”) can
easily deteriorate due to multiple mechanisms, such as attenuation, crosstalk, mode conversion,
poor impedance matching, jitter, dispersion and other causes. As a result, the overall Bit Error Rate
(BER) is increased, while EMC test failures and product reliability problems emerge.
This training course deals with signal integrity and power integrity of high speed digital signals.

The topics include:

Design and analysis of SI from PCB to system level and PI in the PCB level.
• Practical Design Guidelines for PCB design in multi restricted environment.
• Extensive SIPI theory and practice, demonstration of the studied material with the help of
dozens of examples from simulations and measurements.
• Briefing on data sheets and common specifications, familiarizing with simulation and
measurement tools
• SI proof of design and failure investigations, qualification in defining Layout instructions for
proper SIPI.

Target Audience:

All professional engineers that are involved in design and manufacturing of products that contain
high speed digital signals, such as: board design, layout, SIPI, verification, system and process
manufacturer engineers.


Mr. Dror Haviv received his M.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering with honours from Ben-Gurion University specialising in electromagnetism and microwaves. He is one of Israel’s leading signal integrity (SI) engineers and has years of design, analysis, measurement, and teaching experience in the field behind him.

Today, he is the CEO of ZEROBER – Signal Integrity Solutions, which specialises in providing comprehensive signal integrity solutions including consulting, design, simulation, testing, and measurement of high-speed digital channels at multi-Giga bps rates.


In the last decade, Dror served as the Signal Integrity Focal Point and Architect of the R&D division at Rafael. As a SI Architect, he has designed, analysed, simulated, and measured dozens of systems and high-speed PCBs. As focal Point, he has qualified, educated, trained, and supervised many engineers in the SI field. Simultaneously, he served as Senior Signal Integrity Cooperate Researcher and has conducted several research projects in the field. His research has been presented in conferences on Signal Integrity, both in Israel and abroad.


Training format:

36 hours in total, Four daily sessions 

Opening Date : 2020
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